Chapter 9: message .

I was really disappointed…

I could not find any information about Chelar.

I wanted to leave the computer room.

“One incoming message, ” said the computer.

I pressed the “display ” button.

And a hologram displayed.

Dear S.I.,

I am searching for you and the TMHL Galaxy, please send me some information about it.

If you want to contact me call the following hologram code: .

Doctor Chelar.

Chapter 8:far away in the META-galaxy…

Now let’s leave S.I. in the infirmary (robots will make him a metal hand) and go 800 000LY (light years ) away from SI……..

A man was sitting on a metal chair inside an S-ship he was 46 years old but he seemed older…

A robot rolled into the room and said “sir the patient we saved is very strange he wants to send this message to SI”

The man took the letter and pressed a button on the control panel.

“Main Galaxy computer send this to SI.”

Chapter 7: Weapons of the Super-sphere.

Immediately after the h-car zoomed out of hyperspace I jumped on to the floor and started running, Doctor F. Was chasing me…

Dude, next time be more lucky…

Doctor F .  Jumped up made a perfect triple flip-flap and neatly landed……………… into a trashcan.

Me with Jermal jumped into the s-ship and closed the gateway then Jermal pressed the H.S. button and everything stopped and stood still for 2 seconds thought a bit and threw our s-ship forward on a GIGANTIC speed……

But the only thing I was thinking about was Chelar.

Chapter 6:Run away or 2 ways of using the p-saber.

We stood like that for 20 minutes…for Long 1200 seconds, I mean rrrrreeeeeeaaaaallllllyyyyyyyy Long 1200 seconds.

“Frozen ” Doctor F with activated p-saber And me with my hand above the delete button.

Suddenly Doctor F. leaped towards me and sliced my hand off.

Excruciating pain paralysed my body,I could hardly stand on my feet!!!!!!

But my blood spraying, sliced hand landed straight on the delete button.

Doctor F. stared at the computers then turned to me…… I mean to the spot where I was a second ago.

I ran out of the room and propelled to the H-port.

Suddenly a laser beam zoomed past my head.

I turned around and saw a black guard aiming at me another laser beam zoomed towards me.

I acted exactly like on the training, my p-saber smoothly slided in front of the beam and reflected it back towards the troop .

I jumped inside the h-car and pressed a button 



Doctor F. ran out of the hall and started running towards me…

(Machine )


Doctor F. jumped on the roof of the h-car.

(Machine )


And every thing stopped and stood still for 2 seconds thought a bit and threw my car forward on a GIGANTIC speed…

Chapter 5:Doctor Chelar(CH)

I appeared in a narrow corridor with metal walls. At the end of the corridor there was a door with a sign, 


I opened the door. I saw a man wearing all black………….

(Me) “Doctor F!!!!!!!!!!”

Slowly like in a nightmare, the man turned around and I saw his face with a crooked smirk plastered across  it.

(D.F.)”Yes that is me.”

We were standing like that for a minute then we whipped our p-Sabres* out.

*a pointer-saber is a weapon pretty much like light sabers in “Phineas and Ferb Star Wars ” cartoon (Phineas forced me to watch this cartoon with him) with one key difference – its blade’s diameter is 1 millimeter .

Usually evil people have red, very dark green and black(for evil masters ).

Good people have blue,green,yellow,purple and white(like Sensor the 28-Th had).

There are some exceptions but they are rare.*

We jumped towards each other and clashed our blades in air .

Then we started clashing our p-sabers in wildest ways that I could(and couldn’t!!!)imagine.

One hour….two hours….three hours….

After three hours Doctor F. started showing signs of fatigue.

He started breathing faster and his movements started getting slow and clumsy.

I had a lot of training when I was a president and I could battle all around the clock without getting tired!

After five hours of fierce (during first three hours ) fighting, Doctor F. FINALY took a step back.

(Me)”So Doctor F. who is the master of fighting among us???”

(Doctor F.)”Not the one who is better at fighting will win this duel, but the one whose power* is greater ”

*power is how kind, evil or stupid(you will see the force of stupidity later) a person is.

Using this powers you can have abilities like telekinesis, telepathy, mind control,lightning blasting, freezing in melkinum(-345 C) and so on.*

Doctor F. set his hand like this

and blasted a transparent bolt from his hand.

I blasted a similar bolt.

Both bolts clashed in mid-air like this… 

(But both bolts were transparent)

But my bolt was stronger.

Doctor F. Was propelled backwards and his head smashed against the floor .

But he stood up and rushed towards the elevator.

I rushed towards him but something on the screens caught my eye………….

I saw a picture of a child with a face as pale as snow, there was no sign of the green shaded skin that everyone in TMHL galaxy had.

The child was about nine years old, wearing all blue and holding a heavy metal stick.

By looking at energy bars I understood that that stuff is weapon.

Beside the picture there was a name……

” If you won’t stop Doctor F. I will delete ALL the information about Chelar!!!!!!” I exclaimed .

Doctor F. froze………

Chapter 4:D.F.

Jermal and I ran inside my  S-ship(space-ship).

Engines roared and we took off then Jermal pressed the “HS”button and we zoomed into hyper-space.

And then everything  stopped and remained still for 2 seconds, thought a bit and threw our S-ship forward on a GIGANTIC speed.

We appeared in front of an enormous metal sphere approximately with a radius of a sun

(3*10^20 km).

We landed on the surface of the base and cut a hole using laser, then we wore costumes of black-guards  

(Jermal told me that troops of Doctor F. are called this way and went into the base.)

The next minute we were already pushing through the crowd of black-Guards towards the Hyper Port.

Hyper Port is like your train station but instead of trains, there are cabins that can go into HS (but can’t bring you nearly  as far as s-ships can)and they are also personal (like a taxi).

I left Jermal near the H-port and got in a cabin, then pressed the button “DF”

(Machine )


And everything stops  and stays still for 2 seconds thinks a bit and then throws my cabin forward at a GIGANTIC  speed.

The end

(No no no just kidding.)