Chapter 3: The story of Phineas.

"Once upon a time and exactly 33 ABR I was taking a walk in the sands of puhavdevat 7 when I saw a meteor falling in about 400 kilometres from me. That time I had a hobby of collecting pieces of meteors and asteroids..."  you know I still have that collection, now it consist of over 2000 pieces. "So I jumped onto my hover-car and headed towards the place where the meteor fell. After an hour or so I jumped off the car and looked inside the crater the meteor made. Inside the crater I found something that surprised me, more than finding a 100 tonne diamond there, I found a space capsule made of shimmering supersteel. I stood in moonlight looking at the capsule while waiting  for it to cool…
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Chapter 2: Defence and chocolate bars

That happened when I was relaxing on a rocking chair(as I told you in the previous chapter ) in my room. Suddenly, Phineas ran into my room and slammed the door behind him. I was alarmed by the way he entered the room. He was a very polite boy and always knocked on the door before entering, after looking at his face I understood that something did happen. "Phineas, what happened??? You look like you saw a million spaceships attacking cylon 14." "We checked the MAIN GALAXY COMPUTER and saw three "sos" signals from eluminum 6, gandanox 23 and cylon 14 they are under attack of two million spaceships ! But the worst thing is....D.F. returned! It.... it is his squadron!" Phineas said all that in one shot and looked at me waiting…
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Chapter 1:How everything started.

Stick of Ruling part 1
"Haaaaappy birthhhhhhdayyyyyy toooooooo youuuuuuuu.Haaaaappy birthhhhhhdayyyyyy toooooooo youuuuuuuu. Haaaaappy birthhhhhhdayyyyyy deeeeeeeaaar Ivaaaaaaaaaaaan.Haaaaappy birthhhhhhdayyyyyy toooooooo youuuuuuuu!" "Please wait for me I will be back in a minute!" Hi I am Ivan, the president of TMHL galaxy. Today, I am having my 56-th birthday party. No, don't think that I am old, the average life span of a person in TMHL galaxy is about 250 years so I am still young and fresh... I am not only a president. I am also a Sensor. What is a Sensor? You may ask. Well, that is a long story...... Once upon a time and exactly 9056 BBR ( Before Big Rip that is a separate story we will come to that later. Now it is 41 ABR(After Big Rip).) lived a man whose name is, I…
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